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Making global talent available in the Netherlands

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At WAES, we make global talent available for Dutch tech companies. It’s our core business and expertise to continuously engage with and attract the very best talent worldwide, and make this talent available for our clients. It’s what we do, and what we do best.

Let's shape our future

Our expertise

With a society that is relying on technology more than ever, there is a huge increasing need for high-tech products. These products are produced by high-tech machines, more and more bought through e-commerce platforms, for which fin-tech is needed to process payments. In the end, these products are transported to an end user via logistics.

WAES, as a consultancy company, wants to contribute to these rapidly improving technologies by providing experts to work on these premises. Our consultants operate as part of the R&D teams of our clients, bringing in their knowledge, experience and mindset from all over the world. Why? To move technology forward. To shape our future.


Flexibility, with 1 month notice period.

Highly skilled. We only hire the very best software engineers.

Relocation. We take care of everything. From immigration to settling in.

Training & Coaching. Our Learning & Development program shapes our consultants.

Great innovation challenges require great talent. That’s why we search for the best engineers all over the world.

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