3 questions 4… Daniel

Every now and then… we fire three questions at our Spartans. And we want answers on the spot. So, no time for thinking.

Rik Staals Head of Marketing

We’ve caught up with Daniel from Sao Paulo (Brazil) this time. Daniel arrived in the Netherlands in the summer of 2021 with his wife and two kids. He has been working in technology since 2007.

Daniel: “In the first two years I worked as a Linux SysAdmin, then I joined the light side of the force starting to turn coffee into code. In the beginning, I started with PHP, and some years later I joined ‘the Microsoft World’ working with classic ASP, VB6, and .NET.”

Three questions…

Which cloud provider and cloud services do you use?

“Nowadays, we use AWS and serverless services, like Lambda functions, DynamoDB, and Step Functions. Because of this, we can have zero downtime for our clients.”

Which programming language do you use in AWS?

“Since we are using serverless, we are using Node.js with TypeScript and JavaScript, so we can deliver code fast and in small pieces.”

How do you manage to stay focused during coding?

“Hmm… this might be a little weird, but I like to listen to Japanese Jazz music. I can’t understand anything they’re saying, so I can focus on my coding.”

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