3 questions 4… Newton

Every now and then… we fire three questions at our Spartans. And we want answers on the spot. So, no time for thinking.

Rik Staals Head of Marketing

Newton has been passionate about coding since the age of 15. First, coding was just a hobby, but he decided to turn his hobby into his career.

The first thing Newton bought when he arrived in the Netherlands in the spring of 2022? A raincoat and an umbrella.

Three questions…

What do you like to do in your spare time?

“Two of my favorite activities include bouldering and watching Netflix. Also, I love practicing code challenges and solving problems with different programming languages.”

How does it help you to code better?

“Bouldering helps me think outside the box. And watching Netflix allows me to take a step back and return to my work with a fresh perspective and a clear mind. Solving the code challenges is like a workout for my brain. Just as physical exercise helps your muscles become stronger, it helps my mind and my brain become clever.”

How does it help you in your personal life?

“These activities prevent boredom and give me a sense of accomplishment, boosting my self-esteem and confidence. Also, training my brain to think logically and systematically will help me solve complex problems in my personal life.”