Martin's WAES journey started in 2019

July 23 2021

In 2019, Martin and his wife moved from Argentina to the Netherlands for a new adventure at WAES. 

Before Martin got in touch with WAES, he was working at Kimberly-Clark as a Big Data Architect.  “In 2019, Bob – the founder of WAES – contacted me via LinkedIn. After a good talk with recruitment and some technical assessments, WAES made a proposal if I was interested in moving to the Netherlands. Of course I was interested, so then we started the relocation process.”

At the moment of the interview, Martin was working at the VCP project at ASML. ASML is specialised in development and manufacturing of photolithography systems. Martin: “ASML makes the machines that do the lithography process that print chips. About 60 – 70% of the microchips we use nowadays were processed and printed by ASML machines.” We use these microchips in machines like computers and cellphones.”

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