Meet Paulina

August 23 2021

“I’m living in Utrecht, which is an amazing, vibrant city."

Paulina arrived in the Netherlands in early 2021. Her first four months feel like the longest and hardest time of her life. But also, the happiest she has ever been.

She started coding when she was at high school, at the age of 13 or 14 already. “After high school I pursued a minor in computer science. Then I went to college, and I kept having internships and kept working. That all let me here as a Java Developer.”

When Paulina was relocating to the Netherlands, she decided to live in Utrecht. “At first it was a tough decision because I just knew Amsterdam. I think most people just know Amsterdam, because when you travel around the Netherlands it’s a city where everybody is going. I’ve heard of Utrecht before, but I really kind of had to play by the ear and trust that it would be close to my client’s facility, close to Eindhoven and not like Amsterdam.”

Living in Utrecht is something I really like; I think it’s the best place to live. The canals are beautiful. People are super nice. The house that I live in, I really, really like it. I think it’s the perfect city to live in and to experience a little bit of Dutch culture and be surrounded by malls and shops of brands that you know.”

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