Monitoring Serverless Applications

January 18 2021

Since AWS released Serverless back in 2015, every cloud provider started creating their implementation of FaaS — Function as a Service. We can find serverless implementations even in Kubernetes clusters: open-source versions as Kubeless, and the Serverless Framework, an agnostic tool for writing and deploying serverless functions.

This new architecture type has a lot of benefits but should not be considered a silver bullet. In most cases, bad serverless implementation is caused by a misunderstanding about what this paradigm solves, for example:

Let’s say you create a CRUD application for products and decide to use Serverless to “save some money” and not have a service running 24/7. Then you remember each serverless function works as an isolated unit of work. Therefore each own might…

This article is written by Diego Rojas. Read the full article on the WAES Medium blog.