Music connects cultures

May 11 2021

At WAES we love bringing people together, and what brings people together more than music? So… for our 6-year anniversary we thought it would be nice to do something with our office piano.

Joost Pesch is an Eindhoven based upcoming artist, so we’ve invited him to work on our piano for a day. Joost: “Art can be found anywhere and can be seen in anything, but it has to stand out. In your favorite restaurant or hotel and other public places. Or in this case, the WAES office.”

Pesch’s work is full of expressive use of color and direct messages that convey and evoke important positive emotions. He is inspired by the potential of art to convey positive energy and the effect this positive energy has on the viewer.

Just like WAES… music also brings cultures together. So, we came up with the idea to visualize cultures in a creative way. You see Rio, Istanbul, Buenos Aires. Places from all over the world, connected by WAES.

“WAES came to me with the question to do something creative with their piano,” Joost says “What they do is bringing software and data engineers from all over the world to the Netherlands, to work at their high-tech clients. They bring cultures together.”