New WAES merch

May 25 2022

It’s our birthdayyy!!! WAES was founded in May 2015… so this month we’re celebrating our 7 year anniversary. And in the Netherlands, we have a saying: ‘wie jarig is, trakteert’. This means something like… the person who is celebrating his birthday, is the person who treats. So… WAES is treating all its colleagues.

Since we all love to work hard, we know it’s important to chill hard as well. And what better to chill in than a comfortable tracksuit? Everyone is getting a hoodie and sweatpants from the brand new WAES collection!

The design is inspired on what we stand for and who we are: MODERN DAY SPARTANS. On the front of the hoodie, you see the WAES bolt, combined with a Spartan spear. On the back, you see the Macintosh 128K with a visual of a Spartan helmet on the screen.