Relocating to The Netherlands

April 28 2022

When you think of the Netherlands, do you think of windmills, tulips, clogs and infinite amounts of cheese? Fancy living there? Great, we got you covered.

This article will show you what to expect when relocating to The Netherlands with WAES. My name is Gabriel and I have blazed this trail for you. Let me take you through the different stages of our relocation process. This way you’ll really know if this country and this relocation is for you.

About me

My name is Gabriel, and I was born in Porto Alegre (Brazil) where I did my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I then proceeded to work as a developer for nearly ten years based out of Brazil, mainly for foreign companies.

In May 2018, my friend nudged me to apply at WAES. I did interviews and soon after I was on my way to my new home country: the Netherlands. I became a software consultant, which I have done for the last 3,5 years for two different clients. I lead a team of developers, helped create software architectures and component libraries.

Then the time came for a new challenge. I left the external team and went in-house to become a Technical People Manager at WAES where I work helping other consultants develop their careers and lives here, in The Netherlands.

Relocating with WAES

At WAES, we aim to find the best software developers and data engineers all over the world and bring them to The Netherlands so they can help Dutch companies succeed in their respective competitive markets like high-tech, fin-tech, logistics, and e-commerce.

We take relocation seriously. This is also what sets us apart. We truly believe it is a crucial aspect of what we do. No matter the country you come from, we ensure a soft landing and swift adjustment to life here. We have brought people over from:

Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, Greece, Mexico, Morocco, India, Italy, Peru, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela.
We have expertise on the ground and have a dedicated team to make your transition as smooth as possible. When it comes to moving to another country, there are different stages. Let me take you through them.Stages of our relocation process

Stages of our relocation process

Getting to know your relocation team

Step one is obviously the job offer. But we will just assume you’re happy with that. Now the exciting part starts: relocating. First, you will have a call with our relocation team. They are responsible for your whole process until you are settled in. You will be in constant contact, and they will help you with any questions you might have.

This first call is just an introduction where we walk you through the upcoming process and where we get to know each other a bit better.

The right documents

When relocating to a new country you will need the right documentation. Based on what you provide, we will apply for your visa and register you and your family as citizens.

There is a big difference between moving solo or as a family. During your first call with the relocation team, they will check your situation and tell you what documents we need.

Applying for visa

When we have your documents, we will apply for a high-skilled migrant visa for you. This type of visa allows you and your family members to work, live and study in The Netherlands.

After submitting the request, this process usually takes 2 weeks. It works best if you apply for visas for everyone in your family at the same time. Doing it separately will only delay the process.

Then comes the most important step in your relocation: finding a new home. Usually, we do this one month before your arrival. We join up with a housing agency to help you look for a house or an apartment that suits your wishes. We will also help with the first month’s rent and the deposit. We pay the first month’s rent and the deposit will be deducted from your salary staggered over 3 months.

Visit a Dutch representative locally

After applying for the visa, we will schedule an appointment with the Dutch representative in your country. This is either an embassy or a consulate.

After the immigration service (IND) has approved your application, WAES will receive an official letter. You will need this letter for your visit plus all your documentation.

You will be required to leave your passport at the embassy or consulate after your visit. But don’t worry, you will either get it back within 10 working days or you can pick it up where you left it.

Travelling to The Netherlands

Once your visa and home are sorted, it is time to move. You buy a plane ticket (which we will reimburse as soon as you open a Dutch bank account) and fly towards your new future.

On arrival, a taxi will be waiting for you to take you to your new home. This way the travel should be worry-free.

Once you’re settled in, the time has come to register as a citizen. This is everything related to being a ‘functional citizen’ in The Netherlands. We will schedule your appointment and help you prepare.

After registration, you will receive your social security number. We call it burgerservicenummer or simply BSN. Once you have it, you will be able to open a bank account and get an insurance. These are essential when living here. The Dutch love digital payments and insure everything.

Onboarding at WAES

We have reached the last step of your relocation. On your first day at WAES, you will meet the team and learn more about our company, the culture and quirks of the Dutch and other practicalities. Now, you are ready to start your adventure with us.

All the steps

These are the steps you follow to move to the Netherlands to start working at WAES.

  • Land the job at WAES
  • Meet the WAES relocation team
  • Collect the necessary documents
  • Apply for visa
  • Find a new home
  • Visit Dutch representative in your country
  • Travel to The Netherlands
  • Register as a citizen
  • Onboard at WAES

I hope this article has helped you gain some insight into what it means to relocate for work. I understand it can seem challenging. It truly is a big adventure. But speaking for myself, it was the best decision of my life.

Thanks, and I hope to see you soon!

This article is written by Gabriel Cardoso, for the WAES Medium blog.