June 8 2021

At WAES we love playing FIFA, so why not host a FIFA Cup? 12 players signed up, making a total of 6 mixed teams. Men, women, consultants and the office team.

After showing a negative COVID test, all players were welcomed in the WAES Arena. The tournament started with a total of 6 matches being played in the group stage. The numbers 1 and 2 from the group stage were playing each other in the semi-finals.

Liverfools versus Rhytm of Van Dijk

The final was played between Liverfools (Davi & Martijn) and Rhytm of Van Dijk (Paul & Matías. An intense final which was won by Rhytm of Van Dijk. Congratulations campeones!

Tournament winners: Rhytm of Van Dijk (Paul & Matías)
Topscorers: Liverfools (Davi & Martijn)
Most violent team: Liverfools (Davi & Martijn)