WAES Tech Talk: Diego and Fabricio

On December 1st, Diego Rojas and Fabricio Yamamoto will be presenting during another WAES Tech Talk.

Rik Staals Head of Marketing

We have another Tech Talk coming up! On the 1st of December, Diego and Fabricio will take the WAES stage. And… you’re invited to join us both digitally and in person at the WAES HQ in Eindhoven.

Fabricio Yamamoto – Testcontainers

Modern applications share responsibilities with other applications. Integration tests with such applications require high effort to setup third-party services. Fabricio’s Tech Talk will be about Testcontainers, a tool to make integration tests easier. During his presentation, Fabricio will show some examples of what could be done and discuss about the pros and cons.

Diego Rojas – Passwordless technologies

What do data breaches, identity theft, and bank fraud have in common? They’re all potentially caused by leaked passwords. Passwords are proven to be the weakest protection mechanism against undesirable access to some protected data. But technology is evolving, and nowadays, there are some advanced mechanisms to secure identity more safely. Join Diego in his Tech Talk to explore alternative passwordless technologies.

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