WAES Tech Talk: Everton, Felipe & Jonathan

On September 7, Everton, Felipe and Jonathan will be presenting during another WAES Tech Talk. You are invited!

Rik Staals Head of Marketing

Don’t miss out on this upcoming Tech Talk! Everton, Felipe and Jonathan will be sharing their knowledge and insights on cutting-edge technologies and the future of tech. September 7 ๐Ÿ“…

Everton Arakaki – CPU limits on Kubernetes

In this Tech Talk, Everton will delve into the contentious subject of CPU limits in Kubernetes. He aims to examine the significance of CPU limits within a Kubernetes cluster and the reasons behind their importance. Additionally, Everton will explore the ongoing debate surrounding CPU limits, considering both the arguments in favor of and against their implementation. As part of this exploration, Everton would like to inquire whether you consistently establish CPU limits for your deployments.

Felipe Flores and Jonathan de Paula – Migration from Java 11 to Java 17 and Spring Boot 2.6 to Spring Boot 3.0

In this session, Felipe and Jonathan will explore the reasons behind migrating to Java 17 and Spring Boot 3.0, the process involved, the tools utilized, and the remarkable results achieved. Discover the benefits of migrating from Java 11 to Java 17, including enhanced performance improvements and the utilization of exciting new language features.

Also, Felipe and Jonathan will delve into the migration from Spring Boot 2.6 to Spring Boot 3.0. Uncover the advantages of this transition, such as increased productivity, improved security, and better support for modern infrastructure.

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