WAES Tech Talk: João Paulo and Igor

On September 1, João Paulo Gomes and Igor Alves will be presenting during another WAES Tech Talk.

Rik Staals Head of Marketing

We’re excited to share that on the 1st of September, João Paulo and Igor will be hosting another WAES Tech Talk. Because we love to share ideas, knowledge, and bringing people together… we would like to invite you to join this (digital) Tech Talk.

João Paulo Gomes – Spring vs. Micronaut

In recent years, some microservices frameworks have been released in the JVM environment. In this talk, João Paulo will compare two main frameworks: the mature Spring Framework and the young Micronaut Framework. He will show you their differences and similarities, and he will check the performance of both frameworks.

Igor Alves – Kotlin DSLs

Gradle, HTML, SQL, XML, CSS… all these languages and technologies have a particular syntax to solve a specific problem, they are contemplated as Domain-Specific Languages and have a purpose of being easily maintainable.

In this Tech Talk we will explore DSLs and how they could be used in Kotlin projects to get an idiomatic and understandable application domain, even for non-developers.

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