Having a true impact and shaping the future is what drives us. We put continuous self-development, knowledge sharing and always providing the highest possible quality solutions and services central in our organization, whilst nurturing our family culture.

Our values

  • Ownership

    Like an entrepreneur, you have a plan for your life, career, and project. You innovate, execute and completely take ownership of it all. Nothing ‘happens’ to you. You take credit for your achievements and the responsibility for your failures.  

  • Transparency

    You are open, especially about your accomplishments and learnings. You are clear, honest, and transparent. You don’t mind failure. You learn from it. 

  • Family

    You are not alone. We are in this together. Our clients and colleagues are your ‘family,’ and we want everyone to feel welcome. We encourage collaboration, can rely on each other, and respect each other.  

  • Growth

    Growth is what drives you as a person and as a professional. You have a clear vision, explore trends, and take the initiative to share knowledge with your peers. Your drive makes the difference. You know your ambitions and shape your future. 

A home away from home

At WAES, you will collaborate with a group of like-minded experts from around the globe. We connect individuals who trust and depend on one another. Together, we grow and forge lifelong friendships. We find ways to have fun, enjoy life, and cherish our journey. We embrace different cultures, share knowledge, and learn from each other.

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Working at WAES means working on challenging projects for top notch companies. While having fun.

Modern Day Spartans

Ownership, dedication, continuous growth, and a sense of belonging. We've taken the values that ancient Spartans lived by and transformed them into the 21st century. The Modern Day Spartans of WAES are the thought leaders in an era where knowledge is more important than power.

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Laura Benitez

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