Modern Day Spartans

At WAES, we’re not an everyday corporate business as you might expect from a consulting agency. We are thought leaders in this era, where knowledge is more important than power. We like stepping away from the crowd and doing things differently.

Determination, focus and dedication

Like the Spartan army in ancient Greece, we see ourselves as a tied community. Our Spartans stand out through their determination, focus and dedication to improve every day and to become more than who they are today. Taking ownership of our lives and work. That’s why we see our software and data consultants as Modern Day Spartans. 

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The greater the challenge, the more intrigued we become

We don't walk away, we engage. Let’s bring it on! We embrace full ownership of our actions and lives, holding ourselves accountable for all we do and extending our care to those around us.

At WAES, our bond goes beyond mere employment; we are bound by a common vision. Let’s shape our future. 

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Explore our team to discover who enjoys bouldering, loves to travel, and has a furry canine companion.

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Camilo Parra Gonzalez

Camilo Parra Gonzalez

Account Manager