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Our expertise in Software Development elevates your business to the next level of digital transformation by delivering high-quality and secure software.


Our Java development services are designed to provide robust and reliable solutions to meet the complex needs of enterprise environments. Our scalable, secure, and powerful applications are tailored for your business.
Specializing in Kotlin, we develop cutting-edge server-side solutions, ensuring sleek performance, maintainability, and interoperability.
We use C# within the .NET ecosystem to deliver secure, scalable, and high-performance apps, prioritizing clean code and best practices.
From web applications to data analysis and AI, our Python proficiency delivers dynamic, efficient solutions across diverse domains, embodying agility and innovation.
Software Architecture
Our expertise in designing scalable, resilient software architectures underpins every project, ensuring systems are built for future growth, performance, and maintainability.
With a commitment to Test-Driven Development (TDD), we prioritize quality, using automated tests to guide the development process, resulting in reliable, bug-free software that meets exacting standards.
Our Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach integrates the complexity of your business domain into our development process, resulting in software that truly reflects your business strategy and practices, enhancing functionality and user experience.
Beyond just finding bugs, our QA philosophy embeds quality into every phase of the development cycle. From automated testing to rigorous manual checks, we ensure your software is reliable, user-friendly, and ready for launch, embodying our commitment to excellence.

Crafting success through high-quality software development

In the fast-paced world of software development, overcoming challenges requires a partner equipped with the right expertise and innovative solutions. WAES stands as your ally, offering deep knowledge in technologies like Kotlin, Java, Python, and C#, complemented by practices in Agile and DDD.

We're here to elevate your projects beyond just code—focusing on scalable architecture, quality assurance, and clean code practices. We ensure your software meets and exceeds expectations by addressing your specific needs and hurdles. Let us transform your development journey into a pathway of continuous innovation and success.

Elevate your project today

With WAES, embrace a partnership that propels your projects forward. Our expertise in cutting-edge technologies and best practices ensures your solutions are not just built but crafted for excellence. Elevate your software with precision, innovation, and a team dedicated to surpassing your expectations.

Start your journey to success with WAES and transform your software development into a source of competitive advantage.

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Tech Stack

Java. Kotlin. Python. C#. Spring Boot. Elastic Search. Git. Sql. Gradle. Maven. RestFull. TDD. DDD. GraphQL. Microservices. GrPC. Ktor. JavaScript. Kubernetes. Django. Redis.

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Our people are qualified and experienced. They never stop learning.
Worldwide experience
We only hire the very best software engineers from all over the world.
Years of knowledge
With years of experience, our people add direct value to your teams.

What our clients say

WAES consultants take ownership of their own careers and of the things they do. They often already have work experience before graduating; they work alongside their master's studies.
Engineering Manager at Bol
We've been working with WAES for a long time already. They possess a keen understanding of the skills and qualities we seek in individuals at ASML. Both professionally and personally. A perfect match!
Group Lead at ASML

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