Server Side Chat: Forecasting and optimization in the energy sector

Apr 18, 2024
Innovation Powerhouse, Zwaanstraat 31N, Eindhoven

Martin's gearing up to tackle some seriously cool stuff in the energy management world. Picture this: predicting how much energy we'll use and produce, diving into intraday trading for energy, and even creating virtual power plants ⚡️

And what's powering all of this? Machine Learning. Martin's riding the ML wave to make our energy game strong. Think of it like a super-smart energy sidekick helping us make better decisions.

But wait, there's more. Martin's also playing with optimization techniques – you know, like genetic algorithms and linear programming. It's like finding the perfect recipe for energy efficiency. We're talking about fine-tuning everything for your cozy smart home 🏡

So, buckle up, because Martin's on a mission to shape the future of energy, and it's looking pretty exciting 🚀

🍕 There will be pizzas and drinks (free).

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