Server Side Chat: Be happy with IaC: Say Goodbye to YAML!

Aug 22, 2024
Innovation Powerhouse, Zwaanstraat 31N, Eindhoven

Join us for an exciting session with Daniel Bojczuk (LinkedIn), where we dive into the power of AWS CDK and Pulumi! Discover how you can leverage your favorite programming languages to simplify your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and move beyond the complexities of YAML. Embrace the future of cloud development—don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and streamline your workflows 💻

Nowadays, it's unthinkable to have production code hosted in an infrastructure not defined by Infrastructure as Code (IaC), isn't it?

If you want to engage the developers even more in this, you definitely should consider AWS CDK or Pulumi. They allow you to use your favorite programming language to build your IaC. Join Daniel's presentation as he takes a closer look at those tools and explores how they work. Say goodbye to YAML complexities and embrace a new era of cloud development!

🍕 There will be pizzas and drinks (free).

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