WAES Tech Talk: Eduardo & Fabricio

On December 7, Eduardo and Fabricio will be presenting during another WAES Tech Talk. You are invited!

Hey tech enthusiasts, mark your calendars because something exciting is brewing at WAES! On December 7, we’re bringing you a double whammy of tech brilliance straight to your screens with our upcoming Tech Talk. No suits, no ties, just pure Tech Talk.

🗓️Date: December 7, 2023

📍 Location: Your Couch, Your Desk, Your Happy Place – It’s YouTube Live!

🖊️ How to Get in on the Action: Simple! Sign Up on the Event Page.

Now, let’s give you a sneak peek into what’s coming your way:

Talk 1: Eduardo Nicastro – Just-in-time EKS spot instances with Karpenter

Get ready to have your mind blown by Eduardo Nicastro as he spills the beans on Karpenter and its game-changing role in slashing AWS EKS cluster compute costs. No need for a Ph.D. in Cloud Tech – Eduardo will break it down for you. Discover how Karpenter plays the smart card, juggling nodes, swapping the expensive ones for budget-friendly buddies, and optimizing workloads for peak efficiency. It’s like having a tech wizard working tirelessly in the background to save you some serious bucks.

Talk 2: Fabricio Yamamoto – Cucumber + Kotlin: How to set up your E2E tests

Next up, our Spartan Fabricio Yamamoto takes the stage for his second Tech Talk at WAES. This time, he’s taking you on a journey into the world of Cucumber and Kotlin. Wondering how test development can be your documentation sidekick and the onboarding superhero for new team members? Fabricio’s got the answers.

No need for a stiff upper lip here – we’re getting our hands dirty with Kotlin, Gherkin, and RestAssured to put those E2E tests to the test. Who said testing can’t be fun?

Secure Your Spot!

Just hit up the event page and lock in your virtual seat. We promise no complicated registration forms or tech jargon overload. It’s a one-click journey into the tech wonderland.

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