WAES launches new website

May 18 2021

Welcome to the new WAES website!

In the past couple of months, we’ve been busy developing our new website. “Since the founding of WAES in 2015, the company has had the same website. Over the years, quite some things have changed. The old website didn’t really fit the company as it is today, so we’ve decided to build a new website from scratch,” Rik Staals (Sr. Marketeer) says.

The first brainstorming sessions for the new website took place at the WAES office in December 2020. “We wanted a website that really conveys the WAES brand. Our people are our most important aspect, so we wanted the website to be about our people. That’s why the stories of our consultants  are an important piece of content for the new website. At the launch of the website, you will find the stories of Martin, Ailet, Davi and Rodrigo on the website, but we’re planning on making more stories in the coming months.”

For the new website, WAES has worked with Gewest13. A creative agency located in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven.



Martijn van der Sanden (Creative Producer): “Besides the new website, we’re also launching the WAES brandmovie. The concept for the brandmovie is that we want to get inside the head of a WAES consultant, and to see his professional development as a consultant. In the 60 second-movie you get to see a lot of moments in the life of a WAES consultant flashing by.

You see him in his younger years, where he’s still facing challenges in his early career. He’s fighting to grow in his personal and professional life. In every scene, you see the consultant growing as a professional. He gains more confidence and experience. He also develops himself in his personal life. He meets his wife, buys a house… and even gets his first child. The brandmovie really resembles the life of a WAES consultant.”

The script, production, editing, color grading and sounddesign for the brandmovie has been done by the WAES team. The voice over has been done by Johnny Bang Reilly.