Tato's story: Love, work, and exploration in the Netherlands

Rodrigo Tato, everybody calls him Tato, knew he wanted to live in the Netherlands since his holiday a couple of years ago. In October ’21, he and his wife arrived in the Netherlands for a new adventure with WAES.

Currently, Tato is working as a Java Backend Developer at Bol.com. Bol.com is the biggest online retailer in the Netherlands, selling over 30 million articles. Tato: “Working at Bol.com means working in a dynamic, fast-growing environment. Right now, there are over a hundred scrum teams.”

Tato works in the Customer Service team, where he and his team are moving the customer service platform to the cloud. This allows Bol.com to scale in a better way. “Because we’re working in the legacy code of Bol.com, we must work very carefully, so we don’t break the customer service platform.”

"If you really want to see your career move forward, you should come to the Netherlands."
– Tato

Relocating to the Netherlands

Since Tato and his wife visited the Netherlands for their holiday, they knew they wanted to relocate to this small country. “We love it here! And relocating with WAES was the perfect opportunity for us to follow our dream.

The relocation process was an awesome experience. After the WAES recruiter told me that it would take one month for me to relocate to the Netherlands, I first didn’t believe it. I never thought it was going to happen so fast. But… it did happen and here I am!

I relocated together with my wife, and we’re both getting used to life here already. She also found a job, so everything is working out really nice for us.”

Getting together for Friday afternoon drinks

Some advice for Software Engineers

Since the Netherlands is pretty small, Tato and his wife have the opportunity to explore a lot of new places. Something they really like. But… Tato also likes to read and write. “I think writing is a good way to put your ideas into perspective. I’m also a part of the WAES content creator team. A team of WAES consultants that write their own blog entries for the WAES Medium blog.”

What is the best advice Tato can give to other software engineers? “If you really want to see your career move forward, you should come to the Netherlands. Here, you have so many great tech companies and there is a lot of innovation going on.”

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