The story of Davi

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Living in the Netherlands makes me feel like living in a country where technology is everywhere.

“One of the main reasons to move abroad, to join this big adventure, was because me and my family were looking for a better life. Now we’re here, I can feel that my kids appreciate this new life.”

Meet Davi

Davi Joined WAES as a Software Consultant in the winter of 2019. He was born and raised in Porto Alegre, a city located in the southern region of Brazil. Davi: ‘I really think it’s a nice city, I like the feeling of living in a big city.” Davi and his wife were raising two kids in Porto Alegre. “There are a lot of things to do, like going to amusement parks, into a mall or a museum. But a big city also brings some bad things, like security. You always need to be thinking about the environment, if it looks safe.”

While attending the Developer’s Conference (TDC) in Porto Alegre, Davi got in touch with WAES. “I was already thinking about moving abroad and I wanted to do my first interview with an international company. After the interview I thought that the Netherlands would be a nice country and that WAES made me a nice offer. So, I decided to move on with the process.”

The first impression Davi got after joining WAES was the feeling of a company that really cares about its people. “Feeling safe in this process is very important for someone who is moving abroad, because it’s a really big change. I really think WAES took away all my concerns of moving abroad.” Since Davi’s first conversation with the WAES team, he was confident that WAES really wanted to help him in the process.

In the Netherlands it is not very easy to find a house to live in, a lot of people are looking for a house in the bigger cities. “This is a key point in which WAES did a really good job. I saw a house while I was still in Brazil in which I was interested, so I asked them what to do? So WAES went to the house and recorded a video so I could see that the house was nice. This really helped me and my family.

Also, after moving to the Netherlands, WAES was there. They prepared everything for me in a script. They made an appointment at the bank, at the Expat Centre and an appointment to change my driver’s license. Everything was taken care off.

Living in the Netherlands makes me feel like living in a country where technology is everywhere. People here really want to take technology to the next level. One of the things I really like here is to work with all kinds of people. People from the Netherlands, Brazil and Argentina. When I’m at work, everybody gathers in the food park for lunch to share their experiences and to have fun.”

WAES thinks it’s important to organize all kinds of events to build a community, like Tech Talks, barbecues and other fun events. “The events are very important to me. It gives me the feeling of working at a company that really cares about you and that it is creating an environment to make you feel comfortable.

The nice thing about my adventure at WAES is that I really start to become the best version of myself. I’m experiencing a lot of new things here and also the company is supporting me with a lot of cool stuff, like language training and a budget for personal growth. I can choose any course and go to a conference in another country if I want to. WAES is basically saying, the tools are here. Just do it!