Ailet's story: From Cuba to discovering freedom in the Netherlands with WAES

Ailet was born in Cuba. At the age of 27 she moved to Argentina, pursuing a career challenge. After 10 beautiful years in Argentina, she was contacted by WAES and chose a new challenge in her life.

“One day, I received an e-mail by WAES if I was interested in considering a move to the Netherlands to work as a WAES consultant. From the first contact I wasn’t so sure, but after talking to her friends about it, she found out that someone in her network knew a consultant that relocated with WAES before who was really happy about it. I saw an opportunity to grow as a professional and to live in Europe. So, I decided to give it a try… and here I am!” Ailet considers herself lucky to be a part of the WAES community.

Finding freedom in the Netherlands

“The Netherlands is a place of freedom. Since I got here, I’ve felt really free. Because as a woman, in the streets I don’t get harassed anymore. I feel safe, I can go out at night and ride my bike wherever I please. I feel like people here respect your privacy, nobody is actually looking at you or laughing at you. I can go in my pj’s to do my shopping, nobody will care.”

The Netherlands is a country of freedom.
– Ailet

The first time Ailet arrived at the WAES office in Eindhoven, she noticed the huge monkey at the entrance. This made her realize that WAES is a fun company to work for. Ailet: “To get to know the Dutch culture, WAES organized some classes for new consultants. We learned about the culture, which was really helpful. Also, WAES really tried to make us consultants’ friends, rather than co-workers. I really liked that, because we came here, not knowing anyone. Right now, I have a group of ten to twenty people I hang out with.”

Currently, Ailet is living in Utrecht which is in the central part of the Netherlands.

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