Martin's story: From Big Data in Buenos Aires to big business in Brainport

Martin and his wife moved to the Netherlands in 2019. “When we arrived, there was a community already. There were more people in the same situation that I was. This made it very easy to get familiar and make friends,” Martin says.

“I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I came to the Netherlands in 2019, along with my wife. We live in a small village in the center part of the Netherlands and we’re very happy to be living in the Netherlands,” Martin says with a big smile on his face.

In Argentina, Martin was having a good life, but he also had to face some challenges. “It’s always a challenge to feel good and save in Argentina. The economic climate isn’t as stable as in Europe. No matter what you do for a living or what your life is like, you can’t always enjoy it as much as you would like.”

WAES arranged everything for me to make my relocation to the Netherlands a smooth process.
– Martin
Martin on the phone.

An easy relocation for Martin

Before Martin got in touch with WAES, he was working as a Big Data Architect at Kimberly-Clark. In this job he was working in the Platform Engineering Team and mainly responsible for the on-premises Hadoop clusters. “In 2019, Bob – the founder of WAES – contacted me via LinkedIn. After a good talk with recruitment and some technical assessments, WAES made a proposal if I was interested in moving to the Netherlands. Of course, I was interested, so then we started the relocation process.

The relocation was very easy. It took about 4 to 5 weeks and in that time all the paperwork was done. WAES is specialised in bringing in people from outside, so it was all planned out. WAES arranged everything for me to make my relocation to the Netherlands a smooth process.”

Working in Europe’s top tech hub: Brainport Eindhoven

At the moment of the interview, Martin was working on the VCP project at ASML. ASML specialized in the development and manufacturing of photolithography systems. Martin: “ASML makes the machines that do the lithography process that print chips. About 60 – 70% of the microchips we use nowadays were processed and printed by ASML machines.” We use these microchips in machines like computers and cellphones.

“At the VCP project at ASML, we are building a new digital platform that will allow ASML’s equipment to process much more data. Data that is being generated by the new generation of equipment. This is only possible by migrating the old monolith into a new microservices architecture.”

Life here is excellent, there are a lot of projects and the tech level is very high.
– Martin

ASML's headquarters is located in Veldhoven, in the heart of the Brainport region. Brainport is the breeding ground for those seeking to make a change. The world's most complex and advanced machines, products, and innovations are invented and made in Brainport.

Martin highly recommends software engineers to come to the Netherlands. “Life here is excellent, there are a lot of projects and the tech level is very high.

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