Rodrigo's story: From research to relocation with WAES

Rodrigo moved to the Netherlands together with his wife and daughter in 2019. “I really enjoy the Netherlands. The cycling, the people, we recently bought a house. We just love it here.”

A fully serviced relocation

“A friend of mine went to The Developer’s Conference (TDC) in Porto Alegre and she saw that WAES was hiring. I mentioned her in the past that I like the Netherlands, so she thought this would be a good opportunity for me. After that I contacted the Recruitment Team and we started the process.”

“The recruitment process with WAES was really easy. It was much easier than I could ever expect. The Relocation Team managed everything for me. From documentation to helping me to rent a house. When I arrived in the Netherlands, everything was settled. It was really easy for me to move to the Netherlands. When I arrived at my home, there was even a postcard waiting for me from the WAES team to welcome me in the Netherlands. From that moment, I knew that everything would be ok for me and my family.”

Making lives better at Philips

At the time of the interview, Rodrigo was working on a project at Philips. “I work at the HSDP firmware update project at Philips. Philips is a really big company, which used to be known for inventing the lightbulb and the CD. But nowadays the company is mainly focused on healthcare solutions.” Rodrigo’s team is working on the software to provide firmware updates to upgrade Philips machines. “I feel very proud to work at Philips because I believe that the product we are delivering can make people’s lives better.”

Being a consultant at WAES feels like being part of a family of expats, being taken care of by the company.
– Rodrigo

Being a part of the WAES family

When Rodrigo arrived at WAES, he was given a notebook. “In this notebook, I had to write down all my achievements for the first six months in the Netherlands. After my first six months, WAES threw a party with fellow consultants who also just started as a consultant. During this party we had the opportunity to talk about our struggles, but also hear other people’s struggles and experiences. This was really helpful. Being a consultant at WAES feels like being part of a family of expats, being taken care of by the company.”

Rodrigo’s advice to Software and Data Engineer who are considering a move to the Netherlands is to do some research. “Research the companies you are maybe going to work at. Research about the way of life of the Dutch people. Do your homework and then… go for it.”

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